Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Thanks to Recover Your Joy, I am pondering childhood messages this morning. As a child someone told me I talked too loud, so I made a decision to speak quieter - to the point that now people have trouble hearing me, especially my husband. I am making an effort to speak louder, and I often have to shrug off hurt feelings when he doesn't hear me or notice that I'm working on it. I also have to readjust to the feeling that I'm yelling when I speak louder.

It's hard to break those voices and habits that were formed as children. The voices speak louder than reality sometimes.

I need to be more aware of my reactions and feelings to be sure they are reasonable in the situation. It's annoying to not be able to hear someone - I also get frustrated when I can't hear someone very often, so it's reasonable that others would get frustrated with me.

It's all in perspective. To my head, I talk loudly, to others ears, I talk too softly. Reality is, there is a happy medium and I am searching for that space.

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