Friday, June 5, 2009

I wrote a song yesterday. I've been feeling the pull for sometime, the call you might even say, but I've been putting it off. Truth is, it's not even my first song, but it's one I need music written for, yet, I find myself putting off calling my friend who writes music and sharing it with her. Why? What am I afraid of? I fear rejection. I fear she'll tell me it's just like every other song, it has no meaning, it is not good enough, not unique enough. More than that, I fear that if she writes the music and we perform it that others will think it is not good enough. Fear is not my friend today.

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."

Why do I care so much what others are going to think of me? Why is this is so important to me that I am willing to risk not speaking out and suppressing my dreams and passions on the off chance that someone will not like it?

Fear speaks lies, and, as Choices teaches, it creates its own results. If I give in to fear, my song(s) will never be heard in public. If I choice to acknowledge it and move past it, then who knows what doors God could be opening for me? It may be small things, but sometimes a small thing to one person turns out to be a huge thing for someone else.

Thanks for listening. :)


Sabrina said...

I so know what you mean. It's amazing that even as adults, we still have that fear of likability (is that even a word?!) I do hope that you're able to take the first step and get some music to your song. Maybe you'll sing it on your debut album?? :-)

S L M Moss said...

Thanks Sabrina! I really appreciate your encouragement.