Monday, July 13, 2009

I Did It!!

For the last few weeks, I have been praying about where God is leading me, what He wants me to be doing, what His "call" is for me.

I have just returned home from 10 days at our church Camp Meeting. It is always a joy to me, something I look forward to every year, a week of spiritual refreshment filled with the opportunity to catch up with old friends, make new friends and just relax for a while.

This year, I was privileged to sing again. On the first Sabbath (Saturday) I sang 2 songs at the Concert in the Park - one of which was the song I wrote! It was an amazing experience!! I loved it. My song was well received and many people stopped to let me know they were blessed by it. On Monday, I was performed my first "full" concert - 1/2 hour of songs praising God. When I was done, I realized that God had given me my "call" a while back and I have just moved very slowly in accepting it. After my concert I returned to my tent, on a high, praising God for His gift to me, and wrote another song of praise to Him. Although, as I told my husband, M, on the way home, I feel like I am just a pencil for the words God gives me.

Where will this lead? I don't know. I only know that my call is to write my own songs and to sing to praise God and tell His story through my life. One day I pray that I will put out a CD, but one step at a time and all in God's time. My plan for now is to keep writing, to keep singing, to make myself available to sing wherever possible and to put together a concert that tells the story of my life and how God has carried me through every moment of it.

Have you heard your "calling"? Have you asked Him for it? When I finally understood what it was God wanted me to be doing it was a joy and a blessing that uplifted my soul. He will never put anything on us that will be a burden, He wants us to have an abundant life, in all its fullness.

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