Monday, April 20, 2009


God is amazing, isn't He? I was just telling my boys how awesome He is this morning. The parking lot just above the library we go to has the most amazing view of the mountains and today has a crystal clear, breathtaking skyline.

I took the opportunity to remind the boys that everything God created, He created for us. I told C that if he was the only person to enjoy a sunrise God would have created it just for him, and we should take joy in the beauty that surrounds us because it is God's special gift to us. It is an amazing thought, isn't it, that the beauty in this world does not serve any other purpose but to make our lives more enjoyable. What do you enjoy most? Do you realize that God created it just for you? That if you were the only one to love roses, He would have made roses for you?

Sometimes we forget to look at the beauty that surrounds us in music, relationships, nature and food. I must remember to open my eyes and take in the glory that surrounds me every minute of each day. To live, not survive. To live in thankfulness at the blessings of God and to see them all around me every day.

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