Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Welcome to my new blog. It's a new venture and one I hope will be as interesting to those reading as it will be to me writing. I'm taking a step of faith but it promises to be a good adventure.

Why "Sarah Singing"? I sing. I love to sing. I have even composed some of my own songs, not that anyone outside of my children and husband have heard them, but I have done it and I have to say that I think they are pretty good - and my children agree! LOL When I sing I feel empowered, free and in the presence of God. It is a powerful tool in my life. My husband and I often discuss our differences in musical choices - he leans towards classical and orchestral music while for me I need the words. For me, a truly good classical/orchestral piece puts words into my head, he finds words distracting. It's interesting how the same song can bring totally different messages to people, or be powerful for one and annoying for the other.

I'm rambling now. Much of my thoughts come out that way. Please bear with me as I journey here. I'll work on less rambling and more productive thinking another day. Today it is just enough that I have finally taken this step. I feared blogging. I had to really consider why that was and then I realized that I'd be putting my words 'out there'. Opening myself up to criticism and then I might not be accepted, appreciated, enjoyed or even read. Of course the other side of it was that I'd be opening myself up, period. It's a daunting thought, really, and then I realized that if I ever want to be published I need to face that. A person cannot write without exposing themselves to the world. I have a story to tell, a witness to bear and I cannot do that sitting silently and inactively on the sidelines.

I'll write more later. This is just my beginning. My goal is to write every day, so, I shall see you tomorrow, sometime. I make no guarantees about when I'll get to write, just that I will.

God bless you. Thanks for being willing to share my journey with me.

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